Success Should be a Reward, Not a Major Hurdle

Your wealth is more than just numbers on a monthly statement.

What Makes RHS Financial Different?

As a tech professional, you know that your financial journey isn’t just a straight line – it’s more like debugging complex code. You’ve worked hard to reach your current level of success. At RHS, we understand your profession’s unique challenges and opportunities. We’re not just financial advisors; think of us as your financial developers, crafting tailored solutions to your needs.

Choosing a financial advisor is a decision not to take lightly, and we know you have plenty of options. 

Our team doesn’t just focus on helping you grow and safeguard your assets. Our commitment goes beyond just understanding your financial goals. We’re constantly creating and refining tools and in-house strategies specifically designed with you in mind. It’s like having a custom app developed to streamline and optimize your financial well-being. 


What makes RHS Different

Your hard work and efforts should provide you with the life you’ve dreamt of, filled with happiness. 

Selecting firm

Selecting the right financial advisory firm is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make for your future well-being and long-term security. Your selection decision should not be based on a personality or sales presentation. 

When you think about who will help you grow and preserve your wealth, it should be based on objectively evaluating their expertise and trustworthiness.

You’ve dedicated years of hard work to reach your goals. Avoid settling for a one-size-fits-all investment strategy that produces mediocre results using model portfolios.

When you partner with RHS, we consider any and all financial goals that could impact your definition of a life well lived.

Wealth Management

You will have direct access to our team of financial professionals who understand your unique financial situation, worries, and aspirations, not an indifferent call center. You can reach out to us at any hour via text or a call to our mobiles for matters large or small, even those that may not seem directly related to your finances. Our goal is to lighten your load, making your busy life a bit easier.

Institution-level Services
Without the Overhead​

At RHS Financial, we redefine your investment experience by offering you broad access to elite services and investment opportunities typically exclusive to major banks, minus the sales pitch, product pressure, or hefty fees. With us, it’s not about selling; it’s about strategically aligning your investments with your goals for a truly tailored financial journey. 

Proprietary Investment Software​

Recognizing that everyone has unique needs, we’ve developed our in-house software to manage your investments.  Our cutting-edge technology looks at your financial goals, expectations, and risk tolerances to help you stay on track to pursue your goals and aspirations.

Our comprehensive guide addresses how you, as a high-earner, could potentially reduce your taxable income.

These tax reduction strategies have been collected from our experience as financial advisors and actual client scenarios.