Build your wealth with us

Why we are here

We provide an investment experience that is focused on delivering results and that gets people to think bigger about their finances. Why? As experts with years of experience in the investment industry we learned what works and, most importantly, what doesn’t.

In our process, we partner with our clients using aspirational financial planning that turns traditional financial planning on its head. Rather than coming from perspective of “scarcity,” aspirational financial planning builds on the theme of abundance.  Unlike the usual financial planning goal of just getting by and not outliving your money, the goal of aspirational financial planning is to start today, build a framework for financial success that could build the kind of wealth that makes a real difference to you, your family and your community. The kind of wealth that could create a retirement that is the envy of your peers, establish a legacy that will outlive you and perhaps, meaningfully alter the lives of others through the capacity for sustained charitable giving. We encourage you to think bigger about your personal finances and build your wealth with us.

Focus on what works


Our Story

Our Story

As a former Wall Street professional with years of experience in some of the biggest brokerage houses in the world, like Salomon Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch, our founder Risley Sams has seen it all. Time and again, institutional investors with patience and rules-based systems win big, while individual investors struggle. We work to change this reality, and founded the firm on this principle. We know what works when it comes to investing, and we wanted that for our clients too. When Risley left the brokerage world and founded RHS Financial in 2009, it was with his client’s best interests in mind. Since then we have been delivering valuable investment advice that allows individuals and families to invest with purpose.® Our goal is to combine combine institutional investing insights with aspirational financial planning and wealth management strategies to deliver superior results.

Our Solution

Our solution gives our clients a systematic framework that helps them build true wealth. It is both robust and flexible, but most importantly, it is in alignment with their values, goals and dreams. Our process consists of four separate components. These components align institutional investing strategies with positive behavioral patterns in an attempt to produce results far beyond just investment performance.