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Our firm’s heartbeat is the people who make everything we do possible. With four decades of collective financial services experience, our team brings unique skills, experiences, and perspectives.

Get to know the faces behind our firm and see how their qualifications contribute to a shared mission: empowering your financial success. Together, we’re more than just a team; we’re your partners in building a secure and prosperous future.


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You benefit when we bring together world-class financial, tax, and legal specialists to deliver concierge-level services.

At RHS Financial, we are a fully independent registered investment advisor, meaning we don’t answer to anyone except you. Independence is important because it means we can focus on what’s best for you and the pursuit of your financial goals.

We also partner with other professionals with specialized skill sets that we will rely on when our clients want concierge-level service. Our coordination of experienced professionals in multiple disciplines means you receive a coordinated approach to overseeing your wealth. 

We’re here to guide you in picking the right professionals for your needs, managing the process and communication, and breaking down complex terms so you know exactly how to move forward with your financial goals.




Liability for Services: Each firm is solely responsible for the services it provides and for maintaining the professional standards and obligations required by their respective regulatory bodies and professional codes of conduct. Consequently, any liability arising from the services rendered or advice provided by these firms is confined to the specific firm that delivered the service.

No Joint Firm Status: The collaborative efforts between RHS Financial and our partner professionals do not constitute the formation of a single firm or legal entity. Our partnerships are structured to enhance service delivery while maintaining distinct and separate legal entities. Therefore, each firm retains its autonomy and is individually accountable to our clients and regulatory authorities for its professional actions and advice.

Client Relationships and Responsibilities: We believe in transparency and clear communication with our clients. When engaging with outside professionals as part of your financial strategy, we ensure that the roles and responsibilities of each firm involved are clearly delineated. This clarity helps in maintaining the integrity of our service delivery and in upholding our commitment to your financial well-being.

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