Leverage Your Benefits to Their Fullest Capacity

Advanced equity compensation strategies that minimize taxes and maximize the opportunity of a lifetime.

A significant benefit in your career is equity compensation. The rewards of your efforts can be substantial; however, it takes thoughtful consideration to maximize their value.


Equity Compensation

Smart management of equity compensation, particularly tax-related decisions, can greatly enhance your net returns. 

Equity compensation includes programs like stock options, restricted stock units, and employee stock purchase plans, each with unique rules and tax implications. 

As a busy professional, you may need more time, knowledge, or interest to oversee the management of these assets. You need a team that has seen hundreds of plans and hundreds of situations to help you navigate the tax complexity, implement creative strategies, and overcome emotional hurdles.

At RHS Financial, our equity compensation strategies include:

  • How to plan and manage the tax bill on RSUs, deciding which shares to sell and when
  • How to maximize the opportunity with non-qualified stock options
  • How to navigate AMT and AMT credits with incentive stock options, evaluating early exercise decisions,
  • How to get the most out of ESPPs and navigate the complex tax code, factoring equity compensation into your financial plan

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