At the heart of RHS Financial is independence.

Independent thought and research help us deliver institutional-level strategies to address a diverse set of problems.

Our wealth management approach is rooted in innovation, developing systems, and proprietary technology. Our tools seek to optimize the risk-reward opportunity and minimize taxes across a broad range of unique circumstances.

Proprietary Software Platform

Our proprietary portfolio optimization and rebalancing software is at the heart of our investment methodology, designed to enhance all aspects of the client investment experience. This platform combines real-time market risk and return estimates with client-specific holdings, investment objectives, tax status, and other characteristics into a sophisticated mathematical architecture to optimize clients’ after-tax risk-adjusted returns. Our software solution handles strategic and tactical asset allocation and security selection across dozens of asset classes, automating tax-loss harvesting, asset location, and trade execution. Client portfolios are managed holistically across multiple accounts and can be customized for choice of risk tolerance, benchmark, investment views, tax sensitivity, ESG preferences, and more.

If you are curious how you can use this tool for your clients set up a 30-minute call with our portfolio manager Colby Davis. 

cutting edge technology
asset allocation optimizer

Asset Allocation Optimizer

Understanding the importance of strategic asset allocation for long-term investment success, we have developed an innovative approach to assessing the optimal level of risk a client should take. While target date retirement funds and traditional allocation advice offers cookie cutter solutions that may not be appropriate for a given investor, our software analyzes their unique financial circumstances in combination with cutting edge Monte Carlo and optimization methods to offer a fully customized recommendation for the proper balance between aggressive and conservative investments in their portfolio. Whether investors are early in their career, nearing retirement, or well into their golden years, our approach gives them confidence that their portfolio is maximizing their chances of financial success. 

Institutional White Papers

RHS Financial is not just about providing investment solutions; we’re also thought leaders in the financial industry. Our institutional white papers offer in-depth insights and analyses on various investment topics, from long-term return forecasts to innovative investment strategies.

Institutional White Papers

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