Why Choose Us

We provide an investment experience that is focused on delivering results and gets people to think bigger about their finances. Why? As experts with years of experience in the investment industry we learned what works and, most importantly, what doesn’t.

Four Part Framework for Financial Success

[ezcol_1half]It has been said that if you don’t know where you are going, you will never get there. In successful investing, nothing could be more true. At RHS, we understand that even the most efficient, low-cost portfolios won’t get you all the way to building true wealth. You need a framework to build on your success.

We see all of our clients as micro-entrepreneurs, trying to create their own personal “wealth start-up” that will not only help them meet their shorter term financial goals, like sending kids to college, but also focuses on fulfilling their longer term philanthropic and retirement aspirations. Our mission is to help guide our clients with a vision towards their future wealth.

[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]We start by getting you to Invest With Purpose® which means discovering what makes you really tick and what it is you are investing for. We then build academically researched, low-cost Portfolios Engineered To Do Better® that should do better over the long haul. After working with us for a period of time, we then develop the Rightfolio® for you which balances your lifestyle and investments. After that, we build a Framework For Financial Success® that becomes the roadmap for building and preserving true wealth.


Invest With Purpose®


Invest With Purpose® is the first step in our investment process and the namesake of our firm’s wealth management process. It is how we get you to think bigger about your personal finances so that you can build the kind of wealth that can make a difference for your family and enable you to do more good for your World. The first step in the Invest With Purpose process starts with asking you questions about your achievements, your challenges, your goals, your values and what is truly the most important to you.

We believe that wealth isn’t just about money; it’s about your family, your passions and your desire to give back to the community. All of these factors influence how we direct our efforts, and how success will be measured uniquely for you.

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From this step, we create a one page mind map that simplifies and helps visualize what it is you are truly investing for. This document gives us a foundation upon which to help you think bigger about your finances. It also becomes the lever that starts the process of generating true wealth. During this process, we also use several tools to quantitatively analyze your risk tolerance, help consolidate and streamline your information flow from various financial accounts, and insure information is securely transmitted between the client and the firm. Isn’t it time to make a change for the better?  Stop just investing and start investing with purpose – build your wealth with us.


Portfolios Engineered To Do Better and Rightfolio


Portfolios Engineered To Do Better®

Financial markets are incredibly complex and full of distractions. Many investors fail to tune out the noise and make decisions using their gut and intuition. Our strategies are based on the results of decades of research in financial economics and are supported by compelling long-term evidence. We use rigorously vetted quantitative rules to engineer your portfolio in order to manage risk while seeking to maximize after-tax returns. Learn More

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Like any relationship, it takes time to really get to know a client, their hopes, and their dreams. The third step of our process is what we call development of the Rightfolio. It is the natural evolution of a client working with an engaged advisor like RHS Financial over a decent period of time. The Rightfolio is the balance of a client’s lifestyle needs, desires and reality, along with the financial risks and rewards of the portfolio required to sustain that lifestyle, both currently and in retirement. This is when we are “comfortable” enough in the relationship that we have developed together to start the financial planning process in earnest. This is where we truly start analyzing the fuzzy math of today and turning it into an actual plan with concrete numbers and goals that defines your tomorrow.


Framework For Financial Success®

The Framework for Financial Success is the final stage in the financial planning process, that is also an ongoing stage. Now that we have all the goals, values and dreams moving in the right direction we then develop a framework that automates the process of building wealth. We help you automate contributions to your investment & retirement accounts, college savings plans, and donor advised funds. This strategy, if adhered to, can be one of the surest ways to grow your wealth. We are confident that if you automate your wealth building such that the capital markets and compound interest over time are on your side, the framework should guide you to financial success. Build your wealth with us® today.

What Our Clients Receive


Investment Services

  • Organize and consolidate investment and retirement accounts for clarity and simplicity
  • Restructure and rebalance stock & bond portfolios
  • Diversify and optimally balance risk and return
  • Optimize portfolio with investments with higher expected returns
  • Strategically allocate investments among different account types to maximize returns and minimize taxes
  • Monitor investment momentum, gains and losses and rebalance accordingly
  • Diversification of a large individual stock position i.e. the stock of your employer
  • Advise on 401K and other retirement plans at work
  • Utilize moderate leverage to amplify returns
  • Homes: Advise on purchasing, downsizing, managing
  • Education: analyzing, planning, managing 529 College savings funds
  • Estates: creating, planning, preserving
  • Philanthropy: legacy planning, charitable giving -Donor Advised Funds

Tax Strategy

  • Minimize taxes to help you build and keep more of your wealth
  • Utilize tax-preferred accounts to maximize returns to you
  • Advise on IRA to Roth IRA conversions for tax free income in retirement
  • Employ tax-loss harvesting in taxable accounts to offset gains
  • Help you plan tax efficient selling strategies on your stock options or restricted stock units (RSU’s) at work.
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Financial Planning Services

  • Assess your goals; balance with risk tolerance and economic factors
  • Create a custom financial plan that includes college savings, retirement, philanthropic and legacy planning
  • Provide comprehensive wealth management advice on an ongoing basis (advise on outside accounts as well as the ones we manage)
  • Develop financial strategies in alignment with your career strategies, including advising on employment benefits like 401K’s, deferred compensation, pensions and stock options
  • Benefit plans and design for business owners
  • Build budgets and net worth development strategies
  • Create financial plans for business owners; including 401K retirement plans and Insurance strategies to protect the business
  • Analyze and evaluate life and long term care insurance options

Retirement Planning

  • Develop retirement goals and objectives and put them into a workable plan
  • Create easy to understand cash flow models for retirement
  • Social Security planning and advice
  • Utilize modern retirement planning forecasting tools including Monte-Carlo simulation
  • Model and evaluate multiple future scenarios to best define success in retirement