Our Team

We decided to call this page the “team” page because that is exactly what we are.  We are your team and we play on the field with you. We are always on your side and the strongest advocate for you and your dreams. Come join us and see what Investing With Purpose® with a dedicated team feels like.

Team List

Risley Sams CFP®, MBA

Founder & President

Risley Sams started RHS Financial after many years serving as a Financial Advisor in several major brokerage houses. After a near-death experience years ago, he decided to make a move towards independence. At that time, he asked himself the simple question: had he died, was he replaceable? He didn’t like the answer and went independent. Since then, as an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), he takes the time to understand each of his client’s life goals and build customized wealth accumulation and distribution plans which fit their needs.

Risley is a Certified Financial Planner® and the creator of the Invest With Purpose® process. He enjoys helping others reach their financial goals by blending rules-based investment techniques so that clients can create the kind of wealth that is meaningful to themselves, their families and their communities. He works with clients to remove the emotional pitfalls that so often cripple investors, while simultaneously inspiring clients to think bigger about their finances. Risley holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from California State University, Chico and an MBA in International Finance from Purdue University. Risley is an avid sailboat racer and an active member of the St. Francis Yacht Club and Staff Admiral and current Secretary of the San Francisco Bay Knarr Fleet.

Colby Davis, CFA

Advisor, Investment Manager

Colby Davis is a Portfolio Analyst and registered Advisor at RHS. After graduating from University of Washington with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Economics, he moved to the Bay Area to enroll in the Chartered Financial Analyst program and pursue a career in wealth management. Colby is responsible for the firm’s investment model and its execution in client accounts. When he isn’t busy doing statistics, Colby can be found rock climbing or playing tennis.