Portfolios Engineered To Do Better®

Many say knowledge is power. Add in years of experience and you have a recipe for success. We use rules-based trading and investment management techniques that work for you and your specific goals.  In the second step of our process, we employ all of the following trading and investment strategies to help you reach your financial goals. By employing the following techniques, we create portfolios that are engineered to do better.

Diversify and optimally balance risk and return

Maintaining a diversified portfolio is the surest path to investment success. Our rules-based portfolio monitoring process regularly rebalances your accounts to favor undervalued assets while targeting a level of risk you’re comfortable with. Learn More

Overweight investments with higher expected returns

Research has shown that certain statistical and accounting measures can predict higher average returns for certain assets over others. We build your portfolio to emphasize these factors in a low-cost, diversified manner, which may significantly enhance returns. Learn More

Minimize taxes and fees to keep more of your wealth

Taxes can be a major drain on your investment returns. We help minimize their impact by making sure you’re making the most of tax-preferred accounts, using tax-efficient investments, employing tax-loss harvesting, and practicing smart rebalancing to reduce capital gains. Learn More

Use moderate leverage to amplify returns

Banks and other major institutions earn profits by borrowing at low interest rates and investing in higher returning assets. Individuals often do the same when buying a house, yet few individual investors apply this strategy to their investments. By taking advantage of broker margin loans, we can potentially boost returns without undue increases in risk. Learn More

Trade with patience and care to get the best deal

Most investors make their trades without regard for day-to-day liquidity or other short-term market effects, even though these can have a major impact on the price you pay for an investment. We carefully monitor market activity and only make changes to your portfolio when we can achieve best execution. Learn More